Chords and more chords PRO Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Guitar Pro Android App Review - Play and learn from guitar pro tabs on your android device ...

iReal Pro for Android

This is a demo of iReal Pro for Android. Create, collect and share chord charts or your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing. You can ...

Chordec: chord detector/recognition for iOS

Chordec does chord recognition for songs from your iOS device. Its algorithm has the highest accuracy among published algorithms till at least the end of 2012.

Perfect Ear 2 Android App Review

REVIEW - Philip Nelson - SongBook Chordpro

Philip Nelson from NewTek reviews the iOS App Songbook Chordpro.

Practicing guitar with Android app "ChordBot"

Aren't you really tired of boring click-click? I've just got bored of using metronome and suddenly found something much more interesting. With this app you can ...

GuitarToolkit app review! Chords, Arpeggios, Tuner, Metronome and more!

Check out I do believe the app is worth getting, you will use it a lot if you want to learn guitar scales, double check chords, generate rhythms ...

Firo - Music Maker, Instrument, Drums, Chords, Looper, and MIDI Controller App Review

Firo - Music Maker, Instrument, Drums, Chords, Looper, and MIDI Controller By Fiddlewax ...

Best Guitar App For Android - Play Guitar Like a Pro

Virtual Guitar Pro Android App. Download Here: Playing Guitar can be so much fun. In this video we ...

Ultimate Guitar APP REVIEW

Ultimate Guitar APP REVIEW Everything you need to know.

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